Most Popular Guard Dog Breeds

For many people the desire to have a dog is not just about looking for companionship, but also security. In today’s society there are many dangers a person can face and having a dog that is able to be alert, obey commands and attack is helpful. For those who have been victims of crime in particular, dogs are an ideal solution because they offer friendship and security. One should however be careful in their choice of breed so that the animal can blend well into the household and still serve the purpose intended. There are certain breeds that are not particularly intimidating or are too friendly to be of any use when seeking protection. The last thing you need is a dog that will lick the hands of your intruder.

Consulting with a specialist such as Purebred Breeders LLC can help you find the right breed to suit your needs. They provide this as a free service through their website and can also counsel you on the various breeds available to buy. Finding a reputable breeder is the best way to ensuring the history of the animal and avoiding problems in behavior and health of the animal.

• German Shepherd

This is a very popular choice of guard dog for good reason. It is intelligent and obedient. When well trained you can expect that it will only restrict its friendliness to those you introduce and remain aloof of the rest. It is also a good choice where you have children in the household. It bonds well with families and is very energetic. The German Shepherd also has a very thick coat that makes it an ideal choice in cold to temperate climates. Its large size and reputation is also very intimidating, making it a strong deterrent for criminals.

• Bullmastiff

This breed is also quite intimidating in size mainly because it is quite muscular. It has strong protective instincts and is very loyal to its family. When introduced to family members it will bond well with them and maintain a docile nature. When it however detects an intruder it will use its body to obstruct them and even knock them down. They are very courageous and eager to safeguard their owners. It is also a very easy dog to groom thanks to its short hair.

• Doberman Pinscher

This dog is highly athletic and is known to chase down intruders very easily. Its speed and intimidating demeanor make it a great choice of guard dog. They are also quite fearless and highly alert. This is why they are often used to secure large properties. Their coloring makes them hard to detect in darkness. They are however often dominating and are less favored as a family dog. If you are looking for a loyal, very active and intelligent dog, this can be a good choice.

• Boxer

The Boxer is a great family dog that bonds well with its family and can have a very playful nature with loved ones. It does however have lethal protective instincts that make it a great guard dog in dangerous situations. Its playful nature and large size can however be a problem in families with small children or toddlers running around. It is advisable to only pick this breed when you have older or no children. It does however have a calm demeanor and obedience that makes it also popular as a service animal for those with disabilities like blindness.

• Akita

The Akita is another great breed of guard dog that does well in the family setup. It is very loyal and courageous, making it an ideal choice when you want protection during dangerous scenarios. They have a strong build with heavy bones and large stature. Historically they were used in hunting and have a weatherproof coat. They are a very clean breed that often grooms itself. They are also very trainable and obedient animals. They can however sometimes be dominating, especially when coming in contact with other dogs, and therefore require the hand of a strong master to keep in line.

These are amongst the top breeds that are chosen as guard dogs and require strict training to get the best response. It is often advisable to invest in dog training services where you feel you may be challenged in taking command. Consult your dog breeder or veterinarian on where you can go to get help on this and raise a dog that will be obedient and effective in responding to your needs.

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